Africa Business Plan

Africa Business Plan

Capital West Advisors has developed over 30 business plans for software businesses including ASPs, encryption software, telecommunications software, healthcare software, SAAS, and data management software. Reginald Nugent is the most experienced CWA Managing Director with this industry has developed the financial, growth, and strategic planning for the majority of these clients. During and before CWA, Reginald has consulted several software clients, helped them raise capital, and was a co-founder of Isadra, Inc., an Internet-based software company launched in the Silicon Valley, which was successfully acquired by Vertical Net, Inc. in 1999 for $50 million. Also, CWA has 2 Associates with experience developing software business plans.

Unique Elements of an Internet Business Plan

Do you need a business plan for a company that will operate in or market to Africa? A business plan for an African business should include a market analysis of the specific industry in the African market, and if available, specifically in the region of Africa that the Company will do business in. The business plan should include comprehensive marketing, operational, financial, and growth strategy and be accompanied by a detailed 5 year pro-forma financial plan with at least monthly detail in year 1 and quarterly detail in year 2-5. The following are a few good questions to consider when starting an Africa business plan:

  • Where will the company be based?
  • What products and services will the Company offer?
  • How much capital does the Company need to raise?
  • What countries in Africa and globally will the Company target?
  • What is the Company’s revenue model?
  • Who are the Company’s competitors?
  • What is the Company’s financing strategy?

If you need help from experts to develop an Africa business plan, contact Capital West Advisors. Capital West Advisors has developed many business plans for Africa-based businesses and can develop a high quality business plan and financial plan for you. Contact us at (888) 300-3090 for a free consultation.