Angel Networks Los Angeles

Are you looking for angel investors in Los Angeles? Los Angeles and California, in general, has a good amount of Angels Networks. Fortunately, thousands of entrepreneurs have had this same question before you and there are scores of good resources on the Internet and elsewhere designed to help you find these investors. There are approximately 15 Angel Networks that will invest into companies looking for funding in Los Angeles, CA of which approximately 8 are located in Southern California, 3 in Northern California, and 4 exist in various parts of the United States that have a national focus.

Angel Networks are managed by managing coordinators of which each network has 1 to 4 managing coordinators. The managing coordinators acts as gate keepers of these angel networks in the sense that they review material prior to forwarding material to investors on a recommended or forwarded basis. Considering that most investors get hundreds of unsolicited emails a month, it is easy to see how yours might fall between the cracks. If you would like more information about tracking down angel investors or developing the business plan you need to capture their attention, call Capital West Advisors at (888) 300-3090. We are leaders in business planning and capital introduction services.