Auto Dealership Business Plan

Unique Elements of an Auto Dealership Business Plan

If you have searched for “auto dealership business plan”, you are probably launching an auto dealership or own an auto dealership and looking to expand and raise capital. An auto dealership is a sophisticated retail operation that requires a detailed and comprehensive business plan and financial plan. The financial plan should be detailed monthly in Year 1 and at least quarterly in Year 2-5. Most often, truck dealerships have an online and a traditional component; though, there are simply online truck dealerships as well. If you are looking to start a truck dealership, a few questions that you should answer are:

  • Where will your dealership be located?
  • How large will your dealership be?
  • How will you combine and integrate your online strategies with your offline strategies?
  • Who are competitors within the immediate area?
  • What is your pricing strategy?
  • What financing/leasing options will your dealership offer?
  • Approximately how much capital do you need to raise for inventory and working capital?
  • What unique marketing strategies will you utilize?

If your auto dealership is already in business, you will want to show a historical income statement and current balance sheet. Capital West Advisors can help you prepare the detailed business plan and financial model that you need at the most competitive rates in the industry. Capital West Advisors has been in business since 2006 and we can help your truck dealership succeed. Call us at (888) 300-3090 for a free consultation!