Business Plan Investor Presentation

If you have searched for business plan investor presentation, it could mean a few things these days. A business plan investor presentation most often means a comprehensive business plan. These days, it can also mean a PowerPoint business plan, which is typically a medium between a comprehensive business plan and the traditional 10-12 page PowerPoint presentation. A full business plan is the traditional way to raise capital and typically the recommended document for a business; though, these days, the recommended document for social networks and particular types of e-commerce websites and be comprehensive PowerPoint business plan/investment presentations, which typically range from 12-25 pages. The businesses where this is most appropriate for are those whereby the marketing plan and web development plan are simple. A detailed financial plan should accompany the business plan investor presentation (regardless of the form that it is developed). Regardless of the form uses, the following are common guidelines with regards to development, the business plan should be detailed, specific, and comprehensive, yet concise and the financial plan should be realistic and planned with monthly detail in year 1 and quarterly detail in year 2-5

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