Business Plan Success Factors

People have business plans created for several reasons including getting a loan or private investment, establishing a road map for your company’s success, and obtaining partners. Regardless of the reason, Capital West Advisors creates investor-grade business plans that have yielded the highest success rate in the industry. Approximately 23% of Capital West Advisors’ have successfully raised capital.

The business plan success factors and components include:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis with Recent, Comprehensive Market Data
  • Detailed Profile of Direct Competitors
  • 5 (at times 3) Year Financial Plan with monthly detail in Year 1 and quarterly detail in Year 2-5 and detailed operating expense and revenue planning.
  • Comprehensive Growth, Marketing, Financing, and Operational Strategy

All of these components need to be compiled in a way that is logical, easy to read and in a presentable layout. Capital West Advisors is comprised of a team of highly experienced Managing Directors, Associates, and Advisor/Consultants that have developed business plans for several hundred entrepreneurs and business owners. Contact us to have us develop a high quality business plan and financial plan or to learn more about the process.