Business Plans

Capital West Advisors has developed several hundred business plans for a wide array of industries and is particularly experienced with the following industries:


Why choose us?


The following attributes distinguish CWA from most business planning firms:

Investor-Grade Quality

– CWA business plans are detailed, comprehensive, and 100% custom.

– The financial statements are based upon 5-year monthly revenue, expense, and capital budget projections.

– CWA thoroughly analyzes the market and competition and develop detailed marketing, operational, and growth strategy.

– CWA has access to market research reports via subscription to market research databases.

– CWA guarantees each client’s satisfaction by implementing all modifications that the client suggests at no additional cost.

Industry-best Pricing

CWA charges an industry-best $70 to $80 per hour; whereas, most business plan writing firms charge between $125 to $150 per hour, whether they have quoted you $1000 or $10,000.  We quote you based upon the amount of hours that we truly require to develop a high quality business plan at an efficient rate.

Capital Required Estimated Labor Estimated # of Pages CWA Pricing
$25K – $1M 27-55 hrs 25-45 pgs $1850-$3500
$1M – $10M 40-60 hrs 35-50 pgs $2500-$5000
$10M and up 50-90 hrs 40-55 pgs $3500-$7000


*Prices are discounted for clients that merely require a 3 year pro-forma Income Statement.
**Prices are discounted for clients that already have business or financial plan documentation.
***Prices are discount for clients that merely require a comprehensive 5-15 page executive summary.