Alt Energy/Green Business Plans


CWA’s Experience

Capital West Advisors has developed over 30 business plans for alternative energy and green businesses including solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, other alternative energy, green retail, green products, and green real estate. Capital West Advisors has 2 Managing Directors that are experienced with this industry: Seth Schwartz and John Eastman. Also, CWA has 1 Associate that is very experienced with alternative energy and has developed several alternative energy and green business plans at Capital West Advisors.

Unique Elements of an Alternative Energy or Green Business Plan


An alternative energy business plan or green business plan should convey the several value propositions of the product or technology, as well as the several ways that it will benefit the environment. The product or technology section should describe the technology and any relevant equipment that will be used. The market section of an alternative energy plan should closely focus on the specific form of alternative energy and the specific location (U.S., Global, or other) that the business will target. The market section of a green product or service business can typically include a focus on the overall product or service market and also include a market analysis on green products, or more specifically the particular green product or product category. An alternative energy or green business plan is typically approximately 40 to 50 pages in length. Alternative energy business plans and green business plans typically range from $2750 to $4500 to develop a full business plan.

View a Sample Alternative Engergy Business Plan Outline