CWA’s Experience

CWA has developed biotech/pharmaceutical business plans for approximately 15 businesses. Seth Schwartz, Managing Director, is particularly experienced with this industry. Seth started his professional career with the Kriegsman Group, which was a boutique investment bank that specialized in life sciences, where he assisted companies with procuring investment capital.

Unique Elements of a Biotech & Pharmaceutical Business Plan

A biotechnology business plan or pharmaceutical business plan should closely detail the development plan of the product(s) and the several stages of FDA clinical trials that each product has already passed and/or still needs to conduct and pass. The product (or technology) section should provide a strong technical description of the product, compound, or technology being developed and should often contain a “Competing Technologies” section, which technically describes similar and competing technologies.

The market section should closely focus on the specific market for that category of drug, device, or compound and include statistics regarding the various diseases that the business will treat. The financial plan should closely detail the projected costs of research, development, equipment, and salaries that the business will incur to bring the product to market and beyond. A biotech or pharmaceutical business plan is typically approximately 35 to 50 pages in length. The financial plan can be 7 years (if it takes several years to get the product FDA approved). A biotech or pharmaceutical business plan will often contain an Appendix with data from clinical trials and/or intellectual property pertaining to the product. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical business plans typically range from $3000 to $5500 to develop a full business plan.

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