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Capital West Advisors has developed over 50 consumer product business plans. All 3 CWA Managing Directors have strong experience with consumer products. Also, Capital West Advisors has 2 Associates that are experienced with consumer products.

Unique Elements of a Consumer Product Business Plan

A consumer product business plan should have a concise and impactful company overview that lists the: value propositions of the product; all distributors, packagers, manufacturers; and existing or prospective customers. The product section should thoroughly describe each product in the product line, as well as any prospective future products. The market section should include national or global data on the specific product category, a thorough B2B target market analysis, target consumer profile, and relevant demographic information.

If the company will perform its own manufacturing, a manufacturing plan is necessary. The financial plan should include a revenue model that is organized according to the various products or product categories that will be sold and have detailed cost of goods sold, marketing, and G&A expense assumptions and projections. A consumer product business plan is typically approximately 30 to 50 pages in length. Consumer product business plans typically range from $2000 to $5000 to develop a full business plan.

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