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Capital West Advisors has developed over 15 business plans for the entertainment industry, including record labels, music studios, film & TV production studios, music equipment, and tour sponsorship proposals. All 3 Managing Directors have experience in this industry. Also, Capital West Advisors has 1 Associate that has strong experience with film business plans and music business plans.

Unique Elements of a Film or Music Business Plan

A film business plan or music business plan should contain most of the typical elements of a business plan; though, whereas most business plans (and financial plans) are planned on a 5 year basis, a film or music business plan is typically planned on a 3 year basis and normally has a 3 year pro-forma financial plan. At times, it is also appropriate to develop a sensitivity analysis that displays how financial results will vary upon lower and higher assumptions.

A film business plan or music business plan should typically include a comparative analysis of similar musicians or films (in the same genre) and how they performed in terms of revenues in their first few years. The market section should closely focus on the specific segment of film or music that is being considered. The revenue model should include every potential source of traditional and online revenue, including merchandising and licensing. A film or music business plan is typically approximately 25 to 40 pages in length. Film business plans and music plans typically range from $2000 to $3500 to develop a full business plan.

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