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Capital West Advisors has developed over 20 business plans for food or beverage companies, including energy drinks, bottled water, soft drinks, juices, baked goods, frozen foods, and seafood. Seth Schwartz and John Eastman have significant experience in these industries. Prior to Capital West Advisors, Seth developed several food and beverage business and financial plans during his tenures at Jump-Start Business Solutions and the Kriegsman Group, including the start-up business plan for Think Products and Hawaii Water. Also, Capital West Advisors has 2 Associates with experience developing food business plans and beverage business plans. John was involved with a campaign that successfully raised $200 million for a pet food company.

Unique Elements of a Food or Beverage Business Plan

A food business plan or beverage business plan typically includes a very aggressive marketing, operational growth, and financial strategy, as this industry is renowned for high growth. The business and financial strategy should strategically plan the geographic roll-out of the product throughout the market. Often, a food or beverage business will need 2 rounds of financing: a 1st round to penetrate the market and a 2nd round to expand nationally or grow substantially upon initially penetrating the market.

The company overview (as well as the operational plan) should list the manufacturers, packagers, labelers, and distributors of the business; as well as any strong existing or prospective B2B customers. The market analysis section should include national or global data on the specific category of the food or beverage, a target consumer profile, and a comparative analysis of how similar food or beverage products performed. The financial plan is typically sophisticated and involves strategic geographical expansion in order to effectively penetrate the market. A food or beverage business plans is typically approximately 30 to 40 pages in length. Food business plans and beverage business plans typically range from $2250 to $3500 to develop a full business plan.

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