Internet Business Plans


CWA’s Experience

Capital West Advisors has developed Internet business plans for over 50 businesses, including e-commerce, mobile & online applications, social networking, Internet marketing,and online entertainment companies. All 3 of CWA’s Managing Directors have significant Internet experience and each have been involved with many of these clients from a business planning and financial planning perspective, including several highly sophisticated Internet business models.  Also, CWA has 2 Associates that are very experienced at developing Internet business plans.

Unique Elements of an Internet Business Plan


An Internet business plan’s market section should include national or global data on the specific online product or service that the business will offer. The products & services (or The Website) section should describe the website thoroughly, include a screen shot, and provide a brief description of each product and service that the online business will offer (along with the corresponding pricing). The financial plan should include a sophisticated revenue model with unique user projections and detailed pricing, growth, and sales assumptions. An Internet business plan is typically approximately 35 to 45 pages in length. Internet business plans typically range from $1750 to $3500 to develop a full business plan.

View a Sample Internet Business Plan Outline