Software Business Plans


CWA’s Experience

Capital West Advisors has developed over 30 business plans for software businesses including ASPs, encryption software, telecommunications software, healthcare software, SAAS, and data management software. All 3 CWA Managing Directors have experience with this industry; also, CWA has 2 Associates with experience developing software business plans.

Unique Elements of a Software Business Plan


A software business plan should include a thorough description of the features, process flow, and technical components of the software platform. The market section should include national, global, or regional data and closely focus on the specific industry or market segment that the software will target. The market section should also include a comprehensive target market analysis that closely examines the consumers, business, and organizations that the software will target. The financial plan should include a revenue model with customer projections (or unique user projections for an Internet software business) and pricing, growth, and sales assumptions, as well as an expense model that details the cost of programmer salaries, equipment, and outsourcing that the business will incur as it develops the software. A software business plan is typically approximately 35 to 45 pages in length. Software business plans typically range from $2500 to $4500 to develop a full business plan.

software business plan outline