Cleaning Services Business Plan

If you have searched for “cleaning services business plan”, you are probably looking to start a cleaning services business that will either target businesses, homes, or both. The cleaning services industry is highly fragmented and does not require too much capital to start; though, depending upon the scale of the operation, could require substantial capital. A cleaning services business plan should include well developed marketing, operational, growth, and financial strategy and be accompanied by a 5 year pro-forma financial plan with monthly detail in year 1 and quarterly detail in year 2-5. The following are several questions to consider when starting a cleaning services business plan:

  • Will the Company cleaning homes or businesses or both?
  • Where will the Company target geographically?
  • What is the marketing strategy of the Company?
  • Will the Company have an office?
  • How many trucks will the Company start with?
  • What and how much equipment will the Company need?
  • What competition exists in the area?

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