Capital West Advisors' clients have collectively raised approximately $650 million in capital (including $150 million for a leisure brand and $200 million for a film production company). The following is a select list of clients that raised capital:

  • Capital West Advisors developed a high quality business plan and financial plan for our company and we were able to raise over $20 million in financing. logo
  • Capital West Advisors’ team provided business planning and capital introduction services to our company and we secured $1.3 million in funding! G.A.B.
  • I was very impressed by the professionalism of Capital West Advisors and highly recommend their services. They developed an investor grade quality business plan for my company and their services were instrumental in my success raising $3 million in financing. OpticalAnalisysCorp
  • CWA developed a working business plan to raise funding for our company. The business plan was professional and informative; the result was increased client investment in our growing fleet of charter aircraft. Our company’s funding plan needed to be imaginative and precise as to the information delivered, and CWA more than met those criteria. Ponderosa
  • I hired Capital West Advisors for business plan writing and capital introduction services. They developed a high quality business plan and I was able to secure a $300,000 capital investment. MidWestCustomFarming