Components Of Business Plan

A business plan’s components varies significantly from business to business. Whether you are looking to raise capital or merely need a roadmap to your company’s success, the business plan typically has similar components. The following are the typically components of a business plan.

  • An Executive Summary (1-2 page summary of the business plan)
  • Company Overview (Company Description, Value Proposition of the Products, Growth Strategy)
  • Products and/or Services (or Website) section
  • Market Section (Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Target Market Analysis)
  • Growth Strategy
  • Management section (biographies)
  • Financial Plan

A business plan should typically be 40 to 60 pages. The length of a business plan often depends upon how much market research is required and how many products and services the Company will offer. A 5 year (Excel) financial plan should accompany the business plan with at least monthly and quarterly detail. If this sounds complicated, contact us and we will develop a high quality and detailed business plan and financial plan for you at a competitive price. We are leaders in the business plan writing industry, and have extensive experience writing investor-ready plans that have helped our clients secure funding. Call us today at 888-300-3090 for a free consultation and information to get started on your business plan.