Computer Repair Business Plan

Do you need a business plan for a computer repair company or are you looking to find an existing business plan for a computer repair businesses. Computer repair businesses are retail service businesses that require a custom business plan. Computer repair shops typically bill an hourly rate, which can at times be according to the amount of work that will be performed. These days, the majority of computer repair services also are willing to make a trip to the consumers home. Also, the amount billed per hour can vary according to the type of service performed.

  • What types of computers will you be able to repair?
  • Which specific services will you offer?
  • Where will you locate as to exist in an under-saturated market?
  • How will your computer repair shop offer a higher value proposition to customers than other computer repair businesses in your area?
  • How many staff members and how large of a space will you require?

Capital West Advisors charges $2250 to $2650 for a computer repair shop business plan. These early questions will guide your business’s basic structure, but a full business plan will require much more demographic and economic data. With several hundred previous clients, we have helped all sorts of companies get off to a great start. Call us today for a free consultation at 888-300-3090.