Copier Store Business Plan

If you searched for “business plan copier business”, you must be in need of a business plan. Copier businesses such as Kinko‚Äôs, Staples, and the myriad of independents provide high-quality copies and printing of whatever documents, photos, and other media they may need and often a wide range of additional services such as faxing and Internet services. If you’re considering starting a copier business, you’ll want to answer the following question:

  • Where will your business be located?
  • How many competing copier stores are located within a few miles of your location?
  • How much and what equipment will you purchase?
  • What will your business offer to set it apart from other competitors?
  • How much will you charge per copy/per fax/etc.?

These questions should give you a good start on developing your business plan. If you are not a particularly experience business plan writer and financial planner or do not have over 100 hours to commit to the process, call Capital West Advisors. Capital West Advisors is a leading business planning firm and can develop a high quality business plan for you. Call us for more information and a free consultation at (888) 300-3090.