Dent Removal Business Plan

A dent removal business plan needs to describe the dent removal system or technology you have developed and the way you will apply it. If you have created an entirely new method of repairing cars, talk about the technology: is it patent-protected? What is needed for commercialization? Are there prototypes in development and have you tested the product in the field? Alternatively, if your business is for an automotive repair center that specializes in the repair or small dings or dents, your business plan should offer an assessment of the market opportunity for that venture on a local scale:

  • How many potential customers are there within driving distance?
  • What is the average household spending on automobiles?
  • What type of marketing methods will you employ?
  • How many square feet will your facility be?
  • Who are the competitors in the area?

The business plan should examine how the company will strategically grow and utilize capital proceeds. If you need help to develop a dental removal business plan, contact Capital West Advisors at (888) 300-3090 for a free consultation.