Ferry Boat Business Plan

Are you writing a ferry boat business plan? Ferry boats are a popular form of transportation in areas with substantial amounts of water dividing populated area of land. Some ferry boats are privately owned by a company at a destination location: for instance, Disney operates ferrys to transport visitors to certain isolated parks. Other ferry boats are owned by state or local governments such as in New York, whereas even more are owned by individual companies that do ferry tours and more. These companies generate revenue from ticket sales. If you’re considering starting a ferry boat business, be sure to include the following in your plan:

  • The reasons why you will be uniquely qualified to operate a ferry business
  • The area in which your ferry business will be located
  • Your potential competitors and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • The level of interest in ferries in your area
  • How much it will cost you to establish and launch your business

By including these factors in your plan, you’ll be much more likely to convince a lender or investor to support your plan. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to accurately collect and present such information without extensive experience writing business plans. The average entrepreneur spends nearly 400 hours writing, researching, and editing their own business plan. Capital West Advisors is here to help. Our staff of experienced business planners and financial planners have developed over 500 business plans. Call us for more information and a free consultation at (888) 300-3090.