Logistics Business Plan

If you have searched for logistic business plan, you are probably either looking to raise start-up capital for a new logistics business or expansion capital for an existing logistics business. A logistics business plan should include significant detail regarding the Company’s marketing strategy, growth strategy, target consumer profile, product line strategy, and competitive analysis. As well as raise capital, the business plan is also a roadmap to a business’ success. If you are looking to start a logistics business business plan, you might want to answer the following questions:

  • Where will the logistics business be located?
  • How large of a warehouse facility will you have?
  • What is the full range of freight transportation services that you will offer?
  • What industries will you service?
  • What geographies will you service?

A logistics business plan should include a well-developed marketing, operational, financial, and growth strategy and a financial plan that includes at least monthly detail in year 1 and quarterly detail in year 2-5. Capital West Advisors has developed several hundred business plans and has developed logistics business plans and can develop a high quality a detailed business plan and financial plan for you. Call us at 888-300-3090 to speak to a Managing Director and for a free consultation.