One Off Film Business Plan

Are you for a “one off film” business plan or independent film business plan? If so, you are probably looking to raise capital to produce an individual film. A one off film business plan should include a detailed film production strategy, distribution/marketing strategy, includes a film synopsis, and a list of crew & cast (and desired crew and cast), marketing info & figures regarding the genre, management biographies, budget, operational information/planning, and a pro-forma income statement, film comparative analysis, and sensitivity analysis with low, medium, and high scenarios. The following are a few good questions to consider when starting a one-off film or independent business plan:

  • What will be the budget of the film?
  • Who are the attached actors, writers, & directors and what is the wish list?
  • What are the core strengths and distribution assets of the production team?
  • What are realistic low, medium, and high scenarios.
  • What is the best financing strategy for this film?

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