Sports Bar Business Plan

Do you need a sports bar business plan? Most sports bars offer a wide range of beer, alcohol, mixed drinks, appetizers, and a full-menu of food. A sports bar is typically open long hours on Wednesday to Saturday and sometimes 7 days per week. A sports bar typically has many television sits so that fans can have a good seat from anywhere in the bar. Promotions (such as happy hour), location, and quality of food are some of the most important components to a sports bar’s success. If you are starting a sports bar, the following are a few good things to consider:

  • What will the theme be of the sports bar?
  • Where will the sports bar be located?
  • What permits, fees, and regulations will you face as an alcohol vendor?
  • If you have identified a specific location, what other bars are near that site and what are their relative strengths and weaknesses?
  • What sports will you promote most?
  • How many people will the bar seat
  • What hours will the bar be open?

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