Sushi Bar Business Plan

If you have searched for “sushi bar business plan”, you are probably looking to launch a sushi bar business. Sushi bars have grown in popularity over the past two decades. Sushi bars typically offer premium priced “raw fish” available in individual pieces of sashimi or creative combination of sushi dishes. Sushi bars typically price their dishes at a high markup and rely on high quality service and a pristine food preparing and eating environment. When starting a sushi bar business plan, the following are several good questions to consider:

  • Where will the sushi bar be located?
  • What is the pricing strategy of the sushi bar?
  • How many people will the sushi bar seat?
  • What hours will the sushi bar be open?
  • How many food and drink items will be on the menu?
  • What competing sushi bars are in the area?
  • What are the distinct competitive advantages of the sushi bar?
  • What are the demographic stats?

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