TV Show Business Plan

Are you for a “tv show” business plan? If so, you are probably looking to raise capital to produce a tv show. A tv show business plan should include comprehensive TV production strategy, distribution strategy, a TV show film synopsis, marketing strategy, list of crew & cast (and desired crew and cast), market analysis regarding TV and specifically the TV genre, management biographies, operational information/planning, TV show comparative analysis, and a detailed pro-forma financial plan with a sensitivity analysis with low, medium, and high scenarios. Upon starting a TV show business plan, the following are several good questions to answer:

  • What is the budget to produce the pilot?
  • What is the budget to produce the TV show for the first season?
  • What actors, writers, and directors are attached to the TV show or on the wish list?
  • What are examples of other TV shows in this genre that have been successful?
  • How is the TV show unique from different TV shows in the genre?

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