VC & Angel Intro

CWA has an extensive investment network of approximately 500 venture capital firms, 120 Angel networks, and hundreds of private investors.

CWA identifies the venture capital firms, angel networks, and private investors that it will submit the opportunity to, submits the business plan to each investment entity, and then follows-up extensively for typically 3 to 9 months.

Upon interest, CWA forwards the investor’s contact information to the management team.

Our Pricing

CWA offers very competitive pricing for its extensive and comprehensive capital introduction services. CWA charges approximately $150 per angel network, $40 per venture capital firm, and $10 per private investor/family fund that CWA submits the opportunity to.

These three examples provide a good illustration of our fixed pricing fees:

Monthly Cost Cost
10 Angel Networks $1500
60 VC firms $2400
80 VC firms + 12 Angel Networks $5000
80 VC firms + 15 Angel Networks + 200 Private Investors $7450

Advisory Consulting

For clients seeking to raise capital, Capital West Advisors’ Managing Directors and Advisor/Consultants are available to render advisory consulting services regarding investor relations, marketing, operations, growth, and strategic planning of the client company, which are often performed at no up-front cost in exchange for a minor equity stake in the client company.

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